How To Litter Train Your Rabbit

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It may surprise you but rabbits actually respond really well to litter training. It is natural for rabbits to pick one or two areas for toilet purposes and your job is to take advantage of this habit to litter train them more easily.


First, you need to find a suitable litter box. It is very likely for rabbits to lie down in litter boxes and even nibble on the box itself so it is important for you to get something that is rabbit safe and absorbent. Besides absorbing the liquid, also make sure the absorbent pad can also absorb odor because rabbit urine has a very strong odor.


You can use cat litter boxes or smaller pans like cake pans. The smaller ones will work better for your rabbits. Some rabbits tend to back up right to the edge of the pan and litter outside of the box. For such cases opt for a covered cat box or even a dishpan with higher sides. You can cut a small side for them to enter.


The key is to confine and supervise. You will find it harder to train a rabbit that has the habit of urinating and defecating anywhere it prefers. Start by keeping your rabbit inside its hutch and keep the litter box inside it.


Take note of where your rabbit usually eliminates and place your litter box there. Chances are your rabbit will start using the litter box. If it picks another spot then place the box there. Repeated the process until your rabbit finally gives up and start eliminating inside of the litter box.


Once your rabbit is fairly comfortable with using the litter box on a daily basis, the next step is to try it outside of the hutch. Let them outside but in a limited area so they can see where the litter box is. You can also make it more enticing by placing a treat right next to the litter box. As a matter of fact rabbits have a habit of nibbling even when they are eliminating.


Litter training a rabbit is easier said than done. You will definitely come across accidents. Punishments have no place in rabbit litter training. As a matter of fact, your rabbit will absolutely get terrified of it and stop responding completely. If you do not want to start the process all over again, you better practice some patience. Whenever you catch the bunny doing the wrong thing, just pick them up gently and place him or her inside the litter box.


I cannot stress enough that litter training your rabbit takes a lot of patience. You don’t need to monitor their habits all of the time but you need to let them repeat the newly formed habit for a longer period of time before expanding the space. Even when your rabbit has formed the new habit and is doing well inside the cage, wait for a little longer to get them more accustomed before letting them out again.