A Guide To Making Outdoor Rabbit Cages

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Rabbits make wonderful domestic pets at home especially if you have kids at home. If you are planning on petting a domestic rabbit, then do not hesitate because they are pretty easy to rear. You can either raise them outdoors or indoors, depending on where you live. But for convenience, it recommends you to keep them outdoors. Keep a spacious outdoor rabbit cage to make them run around the house freely. You should also make sure that the cage will give them shelter from very extreme weather conditions and other predators and not to forget the resting retreat.


You can either buy your outdoor rabbit cage from the local pet store or make them yourself. These cages are pretty easy to make and inexpensive. All you will need is wire cage or metal or wood according to your preference. If you live in a hot climate area than definitely go for wood because metals are good conductors of heat and it will make the inside of the cage unbearably hot during the summer months.


Wire cages may not be as comfortable and secure for your rabbits but if you are looking for a cheaper option than this is the one. Ideally, your rabbits will prefer the wooden cages over the other metal alternatives because they tend to become unbearably hot on summer days. Rabbits are usually susceptible to the heat stress. They do not pant or sweat, and the ear veins are the only way they can cool down which is really not at all sufficient during the hot summer. So make sure to keep the cage under a shelter like your verandah or nearby trees.


If you are making the cage by yourself at home, make sure to divide it into two different connecting areas. One area should have a door made of wire mesh where the light and air will easily pass through. It will also prevent any bugs like mosquitoes from attacking your poor rabbits. The other area you build should offer protection from harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, cold or sun. Some of the cages come with hinged doors on top so that you can get easy access for cleaning purposes.


Cover the floor of the cage with a newspaper and then lay over it come hay to offer warmth and cushioning for your lovely rabbits. To prevent your rabbits’ feet from getting caught in the mesh wire, put a rug or solid board inside. Make sure to put stands at the bottom of the cage to raise it above the ground and also secure it from potential attacks from your dogs, cats or any predators in the surrounding area.


You don’t need to make another compartment for eating. Just place a sufficiently sized bowl each for food and water. Make sure you secure it tightly so that it does not tumble over and spill all the food and water.


You can actually litter train your rabbits! Just put a litter tray inside the cage and line it with hay and newspaper. You can empty it every other day.