Bunny Beds For Your Rabbit

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Getting the right bunny bed will depend on the rabbit and also the living arrangements. Irrespective of whether your rabbit lives in a wide open space or whether they live in an enclosed space, a great choice would be a bed cum hidey house which will make them feel at home, safe and comfortable.

TIP: If your rabbit does not respond with enthusiasm when you get them a new bunny bed than you can try and place it in another location after a few days has passed by. Sometimes it is the location and not the bed itself.


Beds made of plush and fabric materials are naturally cuddly and soft. There are so many varieties in the market and they come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. You can find them in almost any of the pet stores. The advantage to this is that you can easily wash them whole in the washing machine. Some of them also come in removable covers which you can remove and wash.


Don’t have enough money to get them bunnies blush, luxurious beds? Don’t you worry. You can just use your old and used rugs, blankets or towels lying around the house. This is cheap, washable and 100 % cotton. Plus, your pet will not know the difference – they will love it anyway! They will provide a cuddly and soft spot for them to sleep in. Female rabbits can also have fun with it by making a nest during the day time.


We have all seen adorable pictures of bunnies snoozing in oh-so-cute doll beds. It will not only give them a cozy and secure place to sleep in but also add to the décor of your entire house. I mean who wouldn’t fall for a doll bed! If you have little girls at home or grown young women, you can dig into their old toy boxes. You will definitely find a doll bed.


A basket is a great option for those of the rabbits that don’t chew on furniture or pee on them. You can pick your choice from a variety of materials like sea grass, wicker/ willow, or even plastic. If you can, pick one that is not plastic. You can make their beds a lot more cosy by placing an old towel or blanket inside of it. Your rabbits will instantly want to sleep on it!


You will find grass mats or beds in almost any of the pet stores. Grass mats are a popular choice and rabbits love them because they are somewhat edible and soft. They will not only sleep on them but also entertain themselves with it by tearing them apart nibble by nibble in between their naps.


Bunnies have a tendency to pee on furniture. Put and washable pee pad right behind the couch where they usually pee and watch them turn it from a peeing area to a napping place. This pee pad also doubles as a protection for the carpet besides a comfortable sleeping bed.