5 Inexpensive Diy Toys For Your Rabbit

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Rabbits love toys too! As a matter of fact they need it because they tend to get bored fairly easily. Thankfully, you don’t have to dig into your limited budget because they are fairly easy to make. Sometimes rabbits get the least attention in the house. They are usually locked away in their cage and left all by themselves.

Give your furry friends the opportunities and mental stimulation to be able to exert their natural behaviours like foraging, hiding, climbing and digging. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in enriching your bunny’s life. We sourced some of the best inexpensive DIY toy ideas for your rabbits to give them the happy home that they deserve.


Rabbits love digging! As a matter of fact, if you left them to hop around freely in your backyard, chance are you will find yourself falling down rabbit holes all the time. Prevent such accidents with a simple DIY fix. Get a cardboard box or an old plastic box used for storage and fill it up with sand, soil, stripped newspaper, hay or even a mixture of any of these combinations. Digging really amuses your rabbits and add to their fun by hiding little treats inside!


Besides the incessant digging, female rabbits usually find themselves building nests wherever they can. If you keep your bunnies indoors than giving her an old and used towel, rug or blanket will considerably reduce the level of mess that she will make. You will be amazed at how fast she will rearrange it into a cozy little nest.


You will be amazed at how much benefit your rabbit will get out of something that you got for free of cost. Any sized cardboard box will give your rabbit hours of entertainment! You can make a small hole in the cardboard box so they can have a hiding place or even fill it up with hay for burrowing purposes. These boxes can also serve as a great lookout point for them so they can survey the surrounding areas by hopping up on the box. There are so many ways to by creative with these simple cardboard boxes!


Take a large sized flower pot and place it sideways by securing it to prevent rolling away. Alternately, you can fill a used and old wicker basket with hay so they can get the perfect hide away without taking up a lot of space at home. Make sure you keep a close eye on your rabbit so they don’t chew the plastic too much.


Mimic the dirt tunnels the rabbits love so much with the help of cardboard or plastic tunnels. This will give them the perfect place to be able to dart immediately to safety or even bumble through during their travels. You can get it for free by asking your latest local trader if they happen to have any extra plastic gutter (make sure they don’t have any sharp edges). You can even try the local carpet shop and ask for unused carpet inner tubes.