TOP 5 Chew Toys For Your Rabbits

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Chewing is actually a natural, normal, necessary and enjoyable activity for all of the rabbits. Getting chew toys for your rabbits is not an easy job because when it comes to toys, almost all of the rabbits have a tendency to be as picky as those wine tasters. However irrespective of their quirks, all the bunnies share similar basic requirements. They all need their playtime, they need to satisfy the chewing habits and it is also necessary to prevent their dental sets from growing way too long than necessary.

Here are some of the best chewing toys that almost all bunnies will like.


This chew toy is not actually targeted exclusively for rabbits but it is perfect for any small animals that love chewing. Rice pops normally comes in a package containing around 5 to 6 sticks which are crispy and crunchy. These sticks are really tasty since it is made of rice and corn.

These tasty sticks are great to relive their boredom while also helps to have a healthier and cleaner teeth. Be careful when you purchase it because it gets crushed easily.


Normally, a packed to this product will contain 10 to 11 short apple wood sticks. These are great to dull their fast growing teeth and kill the boredom. Since they are hard, they will last longer and hence will save a lot of money for you. However, the only downside is that if your bunnies are picky, they probably won’t like it. The smell of apple scent is also not very strong.


Natural corn leaf balls usually come in large sizes. If you are concerned about your bunny’s health than this is the perfect choice for you because it is probably one of the safest chew toys for bunnies in the market right now. It contains 100 percent natural corn and comes with a twine loop right at the top so that you can dangle it from the top of even cage wires. It lasts for a very long time so you won’t have to worry about the budget and if you have more than one rabbit than they can play with it.


Block chew toys are one of the latest products that have hit the market during the recent years. This is very unique since it is made of volcanic rock and mostly comes embellished in the shape of natural wood. This one is really effective in grinding down any overgrown teeth. The only downside is that the lava rocks have a tendency to shed a sandy kind of grit.


This simple and handmade ball is one of the best chew toys that you could ever find for your bunnies. Most of the chew toys that we get in the market are inedible glues or toxic plastics. These types of chew toys are made from twine and sea grass. It is tightly woven by hand so that it does not need any artificial adhesives.