Easy Tips On Building Indoor Rabbit Enclosure

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It is vital to keep a secure enclosure at home to keep your rabbit safe when you are away at work or even at night when you are not keeping an eye on them. This is also a great option to prevent any form of damage to your house because rabbits have a tendency to nibble on almost everything that they set their eyes on.

Rabbits are delicate creatures and they are easy target to other animals. This is especially a must if you have cats and dogs at home. There are so many rabbit cages available at pet stores and online shops but nothing beats a hand made enclosure.

Even if you have never build anything before, you can easily build it with these DIY steps. You can buy other elements at cheap rates from a pet store or even find them around the house.

  • The first thing to consider is making the fencing. You can choose wire fence from any pet pen or reuse home office storage solutions.
  • The next step is the flooring. It needs to be easy to clean, tough and not at all chew friendly!
  • Get other accessories like food station, toys to play with and litter tray.


The easiest way to make a pen is by using sections from other pet pens to give you a perimeter fence. Take note of how to clip them together because the plastic clips that usually come with pens can be easily chewed through by rabbits. You can secure it by adding more wires or cable ties.

Alternately, if you have cats or dogs at home, you need to secure it more by building an enclosure right around an even more secure sage like a dog cage or a hutch.


This one is a little bit more complicated, but it is a more substantial alternative. Your job is to custom build the enclosure by simply lashing together some cube storage shelving. Using these office storage wires at 12 inches and a bunch of cable ties, you can create a safe and spacious enclosure for your rabbit with multiple levels and extra space to play around.

The benefit of building an office cube enclosure is that you can pretty much fit it into any space at home. You can even rearrange it or extend it further to enrich the enclosure of your rabbit. You might want to fill up the roof to prevent any attempts on escape.


Rabbit enclosures are usually messy, so it is a good idea to cover your floors first to prevent any damage. Covering up the hard floors will also give them the insulation they need and protect them from slippery surfaces.

A great option is to get a specialized rug that can fit the area covered by the enclosure. Choose one that is made using natural material because your little furry inmates will nibble on just about anything.

If you want a cheaper version you can always get a cut out from your local carpet store.