Different Options For Your Rabbit Hay Racks

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The number one diet in a house rabbit is hay. Unless you have acres and acres of fresh grass, hay is your best option. Since it plays such a vital role in their lives both as food and other sources of entertainment, you have to get hay rack and also find ways to keep them clean and dry. There is no “one” easy solution for this because it depends on each rabbit and also on the living arrangements. For example if you mostly keep them where you live, then you will need less. But if you lock them up in their hutch most of the time than you will have to use more both as food and floor bedding.

Here are different options that you can choose from according to your rabbit’s requirements.


If you usually keep your rabbit locked in a hutch or their living space has a wire fence around it, then metal hay racks will make the best options. These are pretty affordable and you can hang it just about anywhere you want. Your rabbit will reach out and pull as much as they want for the moment. This is a great option because it doubles as a toy because your rabbit will make a sport out of pulling out all of the hay to sit on top of it.

Make sure your metal hay racks are slim so that your rabbit will not hop inside it and get stuck. If you have are couple of rabbits than purchase a few of these. You can also make them by yourself with mesh wires at home. Space them close together to prevent any bunny head getting stuck in between.


You need to mount or hang up a wooden hay rack. This will not be a problem as long as you have a wire cage or fence. Choose the ones that have a flat wooden top because rabbits tend to jump on top of it. If it has a big open top, your rabbit will probably get stuck inside along with the hay. You can even double it as a play space by purchasing a top with wide space so they can sit on top of it.

If you want to keep it inside the house or in the backyard, the free standing wooden hay rack would be a better choice for you. Choose a sturdy stand so your rabbits cannot push it around easily. Also, make sure it is made from untreated wood because chances are they will try to nibble on it as well.


There are some toys that have a capacity to hold hay inside so that eating will be fun for them. You can also fill it with veggies besides hay.

If you do not want to spend on purchasing hay racks for your rabbits, you can even reuse an old pair of socks with holes in it. Add some more holes with the help of scissors and stuff it with hay. Your rabbits will love it nonetheless!