Best Rabbit Playpens Review 2018

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Playpens have been known as one of the most relevant items for all animals kept at home. When it comes to rabbits, due to their metabolism and active lifestyle, they have in the wild, playpens are more than just needed! Best rabbit playpens will provide dozens of advantages, benefits and will have a positive effect on the health of a rabbit. The bottom line is that each rabbit must have one.

Device NameMaterialsSize Weight 
KOUSI Small Pets Playpen heavy-duty plastic3*3 square6 pounds Check Price
Jespet 45" & 61" Foldable PortableWaterproof 600D oxford Cloth Material61 x 61 x 30 inches10.5 pounds Check Price
Pet Playpen w/Door & Cover Rabbit Enclosure Wire72x48x24 inches9 pounds Check Price
IRIS Pet Playpen with Door heavy-duty molded plastic35.25 x 35.25 x 24inches13.2 pounds Check Price
Kaytee Pet-N-Playpen for Rabbit wire30 x 2.8 x 19.8 inches16 pounds Check Price

Why best rabbit playpens are essential?

We mentioned that rabbits must have playpens. Now, we must explain why this is more important than for other animals. Rabbits are fast and they are on the move all the time. The main reason for that is their anatomy and their metabolism. In a house or anapartment, they cannot get this type of physical activity they must have. As such, playpens are the best alternative, unless you want to release a rabbit to nature.

There are several benefits these playpens offer. The first and the main one has already mentioned above. The amount of physical activity they will get. However, there are a few more things you should know about.

Indoor or outdoor

Unless you have a playpen, you won’t be able to take your bunny outside. There are models specifically designed for this type of usage. Even better, there are some units which can be used indoor and outdoor, although they are rare. This allows to your rabbit to get fresh air and to spend some time in natural environment.


While in the playpen, a rabbit will be 100% safe and protected from other animals, hazardous chemicals or anything else that can compromise his health. In essence, playpens offer the ultimate protection for all animals, not only rabbits. Dog owners like them due to the fact their pets are far safer than wandering in a backyard. For rabbits, have plenty of enemies in modern communities, playpens are simply the needed protection.

Portable: Take your rabbit with you

Once you decide to travel or to go something where for a day or two, the playpen is something that is essential, once again! Some units are so portable that they can be assembled and dissembled within a matter of minutes. As the end result, they allow for the owners to use them anywhere they need. For business people, who travel a lot and who have a rabbit or two, playpens with a high level of portability are necessity.

Keeping a rabbit close to you

When you have to complete something, but you want to keep your rabbit next to you, the playpen is once again the best choice. When working in the garden, garage or around a house, you can place the playpen close to you, so your pet enjoys outside time while you still get the job done. There is no other possibility here.

Factors to consider

A few years ago, playpens were designed only for dogs, so rabbit owners don’t have plenty of choices. Nowadays, the situation is completely different, luckily. There are plenty of playpens to choose from. At the same time, we must add that this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here are a few factors to consider when looking for a new playpen for your rabbit.

Playpen for indoor or outdoor

This is the main and the first factor to consider. Playpens for indoor and outdoor purposes are made differently and they come with different features. Obviously, the outdoor playpens sound appealing, but there is an important matter which needs to be considered first. If there are raccoons, hawks or even coyotes in an area where you live, the outdoor playpen isn’t an option! Rabbits are the prey of most animals we mentioned, and predators will break wires or entire playpen in order to get to a rabbit. As such, for most of you, outdoor playpens are not an option.

Indoor playpens are a much better choice, or better said a much safer one. They still provide plenty of space. They are easy to clean and maintain, so this isn’t an issue. Despite the common belief, rabbits don’t have a bad odor and they are clean animals!

The size of a playpen

Here we have another, an important factor to consider. The size is important and probably the main factor after you have chosen the indoor or outdoor playpen. We can divide a playpen into two sections. The first one is living space. This is a space where a rabbit will eat, sleep and etc. It should be 12 square feet for rabbits of all sizes. Even if you have a smaller rabbit, providing him extra space is beneficial.

Exercising space is also something which must be included. A recommended size of 32 square feet is just right. It is sufficient for a rabbit, but it won’t make a playpen impossible to fit in a home or backyard. Exercising space is a section of a playpen where a rabbit will move, jump and run.


The height has a huge importance here! Most rabbit owners (beginners usually) believe that 30-40 cm of height is sufficient. This is a common mistake! A rabbit playpen must be up to 90 cm high. Although, for smaller rabbits 60cm are sufficient. A rabbit must be able to stand on his rear legs and to jump while moving. There is no need to tell you too low playpens without top protection are not something even worth considering. Rabbits will run away from them!


The best rabbit playpens are made from metal and they usually come with a plastic base. The advantages are obvious. Light and air can get into the playpen, they are safe and they are durable. Larger ones are suitable for adding accessories as well. Wooden ones do exist, but they must be treated all the time, or wood will rot. In addition, they are not as long-lasting as those made from metal.

A variety of designs

Here we have an individual matter. The design depends on each rabbit owner, so we cannot generalize the things. Anyway, we will mention a few types which are common. Square, round and rectangular ones are simply the most common. Sadly, there are no plenty of choices if you are looking for something extraordinary.

Accessories: Make your playpen simply better

Most rabbit owners will appreciate and like accessories which can be added to a playpen. Obviously, water bottles and feeders are common and usually the main accessories for any playpen. But, there are additional accessories which will make time in a playpen for a rabbit much better.

  • Toys- Chewing toys are the first choice and they are an actually desirable choice. The main goal of them is to provide mental stimulation for a rabbit. However, don’t forget about platforms and tunnels. All rabbits like them and they will enjoy spending time playing around.
  • Leak-proof water bottles- Bottles for water which are leak-proof at the same time are the superior It is almost impossible to find a playpen with this accessory, so each one will have to be purchased additionally.
  • Hay dispenser- There are so many different models out there. A proper one will promote feeding of a rabbit and make him eat more of healthier food. The size is a mandatory factor here. Larger rabbits need larger hay dispensers and vice versa.
  • Litter box- An organic litter box will make rabbi happier while in a playpen. They like spending time in there, so these accessories are far more than just needed.

Portability level

How portable is a playpen? There are two main types. Some can be moved around thanks to small wheels and other use foldable design. It is actually up to you which type you need. Those with wheels are needed for rabbit owners who need to move it around a backyard, while foldable are essential for travelers who want to bring their pets with them.

1. KOUSI Small Pets Playpen

Here we have one of the most appealing playpens for small animals, including rabbits. First of all, it has been specifically optimized for these pets, so it has a lot to offer. 15 square feet of space is above the mandatory amount of space a rabbit will need. Then, we have the fact a strong and sturdy construction, paired with plastic connectors (heavy-duty plastic). All of this means that your pet is going to be perfectly protected and safe at all times.

Assembly process will take a couple of minutes, no more.It doesn’t require any tools as well. Then we have the advantage which allows you to create customizable shapes. 3×3 or 2×4 shapes are possible, but not the only ones you can get. This is essential for those who want to provide different conditions for their rabbits.

One thing that caught our eye is the ability to use this playpen indoor and outdoor. There are no adjustments or anything complicated to perform before switching the location. At the end, we must repeat that this model is suitable for most animals and it can be used anywhere you want. Portability is reasonable.


  • Offers plenty of space (15 square feet)
  • Different ssembly possibilities
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Made from metal so it is durable
  • Tool-less assembly


  • Lack of top safety cover
  • A bit flimsy

2.Jespet 45″ & 61″ Foldable Portable

The Jespet has to be one of the most versatile and most original playpens for the animals today. Yes, it is made from fabric, but it isn’t weak and it will keep your animal safe. The main advantage is reinforced edges which will keep the playpen safe at all times. Then we have a removable mesh floor piece, which can be washed and cleaned easily. In addition, the entire design is waterproof, allowing you to use it indoor, outdoor or to easily wash it.

Dimensions are 61 inches in diameter, which is plenty of space, especially for a rabbit. The height is 30 inches, which is great as well. The cover is removable as well, but it is secured with zippers, so it will stay in place as long as you need it. 4 stakes are included in the package and they are responsible for making the entire playpen even easier to use, or better said even better.

Despoil the fact there are 8 panels, this is one of the best, portable playpens out there. Moving it is more than just easy and it can be the best choice for travelers who want to bring their rabbits alongside them. 2 pockets on a side simply make the practicality even better.


  • Extremely portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Waterproof
  • Removable cover
  • Side pockets for better practicality
  • Edges are reinforced


  • Lack of a zipper at the bottom
  • Smell of the fabric
  • Top cover should be a bit stronger

3. Pet Playpen w/Door & Cover Rabbit Enclosure

This is the simplest product we have found. In general, it does all what it should, but there are no special advantages here! The main advantage is in the size. The dimensions are 72x48x24 inches, which made this playpen perfect for those rabbit owners who want the most space to provide for their pets.

There are a variety of possibilities, such as the place where the playpen can be used. It is designed for indoor and outdoor applications. A high-quality cover is just perfect and very durable. Setting it up is something which takes a few minutes, no more. One panel is designed to be used as a door.

At the end, we can summarize that this is the best value for money playpen, for those who want the most at a low price. We still believe that it is just perfect for outdoor usages, while isn’t great for indoor usage.


  • Value for money
  • Easy to assembly
  • Massive space
  • Cover is included
  • Features door


  • Panels are not suitable for smaller rabbits
  • Basic design

4. IRIS Pet Playpen with Door

Without any doubt, this is an interesting playpen for your pet. It is well-made from molded plastic, so it is durable and strong. There is adoor for better practicality and the entire product is lightweight, suitable for portable use. The dimensions are 35.25 x 35.25 x 24inches. We believe that they would be great for most rabbits of smaller sizes. 8 square feet of space won’t be sufficient for giant rabbits.

In o5der to understand why this product is one of thepreferable ones, you should pay attention to details. Connecting rods made it so easy to assemble and to use, while the non-slip rubber feet will protect the floor from damages while ensuring the better safety or the playpen. Even door come with alock mechanism which cannot be accidentally open. In simple words, this is a safe and reliable model.

Nevertheless, the unit is designed for rabbit owners who travel a lot. It can be easily transported anywhere the owner likes and assembly process takes a minute or so. It is made in the United States, so each unit comes tested and approved by several pet-related associations.


  • Won’t rust
  • Lightweight and practical
  • Door feature a lock mechanism
  • Rubber feet
  • Great alternative for those who travel a lot


  • Small amount of space inside
  • Roof is available an optional extra only

5.Kaytee Pet-N-Playpen for Rabbit

Thanks to 8 panels and a variety of possibilities, this playpen will provide up to 9 square feet of space. We liked the fact it also comes with a plastic accessory which protects the floor from scratches and etc. This is also beneficial when you want to use it outdoors. The space between wires is low, making this model just great for animals of small size. In a case you are a rabbit owner, you will be able to use it for smaller and larger pets.

Simplicity is on a high level here. This model is just perfect for those who need a playpen which can be set as soon as possible, but still provides all essentials a pet will need.  Keep in mind that assembly process is simple, but a bit different compared to other, similar models. Still, it doesn’t require any tools, so you won’t have any problems with it.

There are 8 panels in the package, which we already mentioned. Each one is 29×18 inch and the spacing between the wires is under 1 inch. The entire unit is lightweight (15 pounds). Dwarf bunnies will benefit the most from this unit. Still, for larger rabbits, there is an option which allows you to link two or more playpens and create a massive playground for them.


  • Can be linked to other playpens
  • Value for money
  • Plastic mat is included in the package
  • Small spacing between wiring
  • Relatively strong and durable


  • Quality issues with a mat
  • Isn’t great for larger bunnies due to height


These are the best rabbit playpens available on the market. It is actually a success being on the list, because we have a high demand and we will recommend only the top-notch units, from a rabbit owner perspective. Luckily, these 5 models count. They are well-made and they provide everything a rabbit will ever need. Additionally, all of them provide more than needed safety.